News June 2015

Dear Brothers, Sisters and Families,
We are truly pleased with the enthusiasm and diligence of each one of you in furthering the work of salvation. 
We have seen an incredible achievement of 1196 family file baptisms being performed this year! This is 40% on our way to our goal! Many thanks to all those youth, parents and leaders for your hard work in this regard. 
The First Presidency and Quorum of Twelve Apostles are fully supporting this effort and are promising some amazing blessings to each one of us. 
Elder Richard G. Scott said in regards to participating in family history and temple work: “I can think of no greater protection from the influence of the adversary in your life”.
Elder Scott and Elder Bednar have promised even further blessings:

  • Your conversion to the Savior will become deeper.
  • You will receive light and knowledge through the Holy Ghost.
  • Your testimony will be strengthened.
  • Your patriarchal blessing will become more meaningful.
  • Your love and gratitude for your ancestors will grow.
  • You will have greater opportunities to serve.
  • Your service in the temple will become more sacred.

As we move forward with our Stake Goals, there are wonderful opportunities for each one of us. Those that wish to serve in the Temple, we invite you to speak to your Bishop and they will liaise with the Preston Temple to enable you to provide service there. For those of you that wish to take advantage of engaging your youth in temple submissions, we invite you to use the "Share" option in FamilySearch to share names that they can submit. For those of you who haven't as yet started the journey and registered with FamilySearch, we invite you to visit the website at - it only takes 5 minutes of your time to register. 
To further promote FamilySearch activities, we are excited to announce the Manchester Stake Art Competition. We invite everyone to participate and send through creative submissions relating to FamilySearch that we plan to put up on noticeboards across the Stake. Prizes will be given to all winners and everyone submitting a entry will receive an Achievement Certificate. The competition will be run during the summer months with a closing date of 31 August. Each submitter needs to ensure they have registered on FamilySearch. See attached poster for more information. 

Manchester Stake Art Competition

We are excited about the opportunities and the promised blessings for our Stake as we move forward in faith. We need everyone's help! As we draw together as a Stake family, we will be blessed and strengthened and miracles will happen. 
We love you and pray for your success.  As Elder Richard G Scott says: "Decide to do something that will have eternal consequences". 
Manchester Stake Presidency 



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